Unknown Pleasure Under Pressure II

10.11. – 19.11.2017
The OSTRALE welcomes the students of the sculptor classes of Prof. Susanne Windelen (ABK Stuttgart) and Prof. Monika Brandmeier (HfBK Dresden). Together the students of both classes will develop and realize new projects for the exhibition ground OSTRALE. The opening was at November 10th 2017. Opening times: Mo-Su 11-17

“Guild of the Arts” – the iron count invites!

From November 18th to November 19th: 11:00 to 19:00
Already for the third time "Guild of the Arts" presents sculptures, jewelry, paintings, graphics as well as wood and ceramic works of a variety of artists in the exceptional ambience of the old slaughterhouse. Enjoy the season's first Glühwein and indulge in our free of charge buffet of cakes. All this is accompanied by handmade live music throughout the afternoon.

Opening of the OSTRALE - Biennale for contemporary Art

28th of July 2017

6 pm, Dresden Fair
hillumination und Performanceshow mit Said Dokins und Leonardo Luna (MEX)

Opening Speaches, 6.15 pm, Dresden Fair
Ministerialdirigent Thomas Früh, Sächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
Alexander Nym, Diplomatischer Dienst NSK-Staat // Geschäftsführer Kultur Aktiv e.V. Dresden
Anna Fedorczuk, Prezes Zarządu // Vorsitzende von Czapska Art Fundacija // Posen (POL)
Patrick J. Fenech, Vorstand von Fondazzjoni Kreattuvità // St. James Cavalier in Valletta (MLT) // Kooperation ECoC 2018

from 6.45 pm, Dresden Fair
Kay Kaul (DEU)
...and there is also something next to Zwinger and Frauenkirche - the internationally widely acclaimed and for more than ten years takes place every summer in Dresden exhibition for contemporary art. Kay Kaul has accompanied OSTRALE for a year, illustrating in his film an exhibition cycle of planning and construction, from opening to ending.

7.15 pm, Gate 6
Committee for Unsolicited Business (Luk Sponselee und Werner Klompen / NLD)
Kollision-X – 25'00"
Part 1: Mega Stylo Ensemble
Part 2: Choreography for Pappe Camper
Part 3: All Sweets Comes from the Inside
From outside within squat is the first thing shows itself. A strange cartoon like appearance that ground to a halt. Clear that there is a situation where an action has been in advance so that this image was reality. The vehicle as if it is sent by post has a smile and has found his place. To view his peeking in world in the different than the space itself is allowed.

7.15 - 10 pm, outdoor area
Giovanni Gaggia (ITA)
Miratus Sum
Matters of identity, ritual, self-denial, and sharing are cornerstones to performances that are always intended as an interaction with another human being. In them, the identities coming into play suffer mutual contamination and call to mind shamanic rites and rituals of initiation through which the deeper corners of human spirit transform.

7.40 - 10 pm, Gate 7 / continuing Performance every Friday, 6 pm
DEREVO (DEU, RUS) von Elena Yarovaya
Try walking in my shoes – dance performance, 25'00"
"Before condemning someone, take his shoes and walk his way, try his tears, feel his pain. Stumble upon every stone that he stumbled upon. And only then you can say that you know how to live properly." – The Dalai Lama

8 - 9 pm, Gate 5 / additional special dates
Klasse Deggeller, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (DEU)
The title 'OUTSIDE THE FRAME' is programmatic. Philosophically speaking, it means everything that is not visible outside the picture's contents; artistically, it means that which remains transparent underneath the surface.
The artistic creators from the video work: Hannah Ernste, Romy Rexheuser, Sebastian Schrader (students from the HfBK Dresden)
Artistic directors: David Campesino and Prof. Marc Deggeller (Professors from the HfBK Dresden

21 - 22 Uhr, Tor 18
Volodymyr Topiy (UKR)
Luft, air, воздух, повітря...
Performance show about air and time.

10-11 pm, exhibition area
Wiola Ujazdowska (POL)
Luxury problems
Mourning is a luxury. In ancient times there were a professional mouners - women that were hired to cry. In this work the artist became a mouner to weep after a death of her mother. Over-Expresing trauma to make it a performance Act. The Body Of A Mouner Is Set Together With Geometric Forms That Symbolize The Inorganic.

Continuing Performance, outdoor area
Serge Feeleenger (BLR)
Way of 10 brushes – Live-Painting
"When I discovered the technique of ten brushes, I could not to think how much more it means than I imagined. The Technique of Ten Brushes is not just another way to paint. It's a way to reconsider the art of painting."