OSTRALE - Biennale for contemporary Art

"OSTRALE exceeds mere geographic or political and historical destiny, it is much rather a magical space, shaped by worldfantasy and – reality.

The ideology of OSTRALE defends art as a medium of communication which can always be lacking words as mode of exchange. It is a sensual, empirical, as well as a revolting rendering and reflection on our addiction to words, at the same time it is a stimulus to act within different ideas and systems of logic.

Art is meant to highlight that it is impossible to reduce the complex spheres of knowledge to one single explanation, question, topic or to limit it to one single paradigm.

OSTRALE is meant to act as a base for an open culture scape - particularly in the realm of contemporary fine arts.

Culture is the basis on which we discuss our lives and identities. If we want to create a European Identity, a common European civic awareness and through this a global consciousness we need independent art and culture industries that can articulate openly and clearly. We have to trust the power of art and culture as it covers all thinkable and unimaginable spheres of our lives.

If we exploit art and culture too much and subordinate them to other aims, we deprive them of their deep lying power of conviction. OSTRALE represents the ghostly and humorous play of power structures and ideologies, and of "value" in the arts."

Andrea Hilger, Director and initiator of OSTRALE

(c) Sven Höher