OSTRALE - Biennale for contemporary Art

„OSTRALE sees art as a mode of communication that does not necessarily need words to make itself understood. It is the sensory, empirical, even outraged replaying and realisation of our obsession with words. It is also an invitation, a motivation to explore different ideas and begin operating within new systems of logic.

The OSTRALE Centre for Contemporary Art is primarily concerned with creating space for cross-border projects. In doing so, it is helping to develop an open cultural landscape where different artistic positions engage in dialogue with one another. As well as seeking connections to arts that exist in close proximity, we also aim to create links to science, education and social engagement.

OSTRALE exhibitions and projects endure because they focus on important social issues that address European identity. The subjectivity of artistic expression, free of any purpose or use imposed from the outside, exemplifies the profound nature of what the works are trying to say.

OSTRALE exists at the heart of Dresden's vibrant cultural life, a scene that embraces all forms of art including, of course, the contemporary visual arts. As such, it also helps drive economic growth in the city.

OSTRALE makes Dresden a magnet for art that addresses, through everything from humour to the macabre, the power structures and ideologies, value and values that exist in the art world."

Andrea Hilger, Director and initiator of OSTRALE

(c) Sven Höher