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You want to delve deeper into the contents of OSTRALE exhibition and benefit from the expertise of our Art educators? Every Saturday and Sunday we have open guided tours throughout the duration of the exhibition, at 15:00 o'clock. No appointment necessary.

You wish to experience OSTRALE as a group at a desired date? Then send us your request to Tour reservations can be made from 10 people up, at least three days in advance.

Adults 15 EUR + 5 EUR entrance fee for guided tour
Reduced 10 EUR + 3 EUR entrance fee for guided tour.

Duration: ca. 60 min

Guided tours are also possible in english or russian language.

Tours for Pupils

From the Classroom to OSTRALE!
Whether primary school children, pre-school groups or secondary school students: the more than 5.500 school children and teachers who visited OSTRALE in 2016 as part of their school programme are evidence of the educational relevance of the exhibition, thanks to its current artistic and social connections and historically and architecturally interesting setting.

The pedagogical plan provides the guided art tour with an educational and political outline and promotes lessons which combine multiple subjects.

Register your class by emailing for a guided tour at OSTRALE'BIENNALE.

OSTRALE kindly requests a 50 EUR contribution per class, and additionally a 15 EUR fee for a guided tour.

We would also like to point out to higher grades that tours on Thursday afternoons are primarily reserved for grades 1-4 and nursery and pre-school children. The visit of (contemporary) exhibitions in the school context is an elementary part of art lessons and is recommended in the Saxon curriculum for the subject arts both in elementary school, as well as in middle school and high school.

OSTRALE'BIENNALE is particularly attractive as an out-of-school place of learning, here, like no other institution in Dresden, diverse international contemporary art is gathered over a period of three months. The special surroundings of the old slaughterhouses offer the possibility to experiment and become artistically active.

Guided tours in English are available on request.

Tip: In order to aid effective preparation, the teaching staff in charge receive a one-off free ticket for the exhibition after they have registered for a guided tour.

Teaching preparation for teachers

We would like to provide you with an optimal preparation for the exhibition visit in the course of your lessons and offer you two exclusive guided tours for educators. In this tour, we present our work techniques and the selected art exhibits of the OSTRALE'BIENNALE, which were selected especially for the student tours. The guided tour is of course free of charge.

Follow shortly – Duration: approx. 2 hours each

Guided tours are also possible in english or russian language.

Tours for preschool Children

For little ones: OSTRALCHEN ('Little Ostrale')
For the first time, OSTRALE'BIENNALE offers children from 3 to 7 years a special education programme. Whether it's a planned excursion for nursery children or something for them to do in their free time, with "Das OSTRALCHEN", young art-lovers get their money's worth! Starting with a short tour of the exhibition suited to young children and active contemplation of various artworks, the children can then take on the role of artists themselves.

We offer guided group tours every Thurday from 10:00. Please register your interest by emailing

For supervision and guidance, OSTRALE kindly requests a €30 contribution towards costs for each group, and a extra fee of 15 EUR for the guidance.

There are open tours for children aged 3 and up free of cost on 8th and 9th August at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00p.m.