For the broader establishment of the OSTRALE, the organ of the advisory board was expanded and redefined within the organizational structure of the OSTRALE in 2020. The advisory board accompanies the work of the board in an advisory capacity and aims in particular to ensure the long-term and continuous work of the association. It is therefore also involved in specific decision-making processes.

The advisory board has the following tasks:
- Advising on the setting of themes for the OSTRALE Biennale,
- Advising on the selection of curators,
- Advising on the choice/finding of exhibition venues,
- Advising on the concrete realization of the exhibition,
- Establishing contacts with possible cooperation partners,
- Involvement in the decision-making process regarding the selection of the exhibition director,
- Advising on budget planning,
- Advising on the long-term orientation of the development of the OSTRALE Biennale and the Center for Contemporary Art.

The constituent meeting was held in 2022.


Prof. Matthias Flügge, University of Fine Arts Dresden
Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Peter Kulka, Freelance Architect, Dresden
Prof. Christian Macketanz, Dresden University of Fine Arts
Sybille Nütt, gallery owner, SCHAUdepot Dresden
Dr. Gisbert Porstmann, Director of the Museums of the City of Dresden
Detlef Schweiger, Artists' Association Dresden