Slaughterhouse Five

5th International Exhibition for contemporary Arts in Dresden


Patronage: Karl -Heinz Lambertz. Minister-President of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

In its fifth year the festival deals in the sense of the 1969 published roman by the US-
bestseller-author Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) "Slaughterhouse Five" with the field of apparently free of structure-between historic and contemporary communicating states. The story of the novel "Slaughterhouse Five" plays for real on the present day area of the OSTRALE during the bombardment of Dresden inthe night of the 13th to the 14th of February 1945. The story weaves fantasy and auto-biografic aspects and is telling without a traditional structure and punctuation.

But the meaningful referring to the novel means a formale bound in the same time because only the arts are able to tell non-verbal. Every art is a form of telling because 'reality ́ is showing its essence by telling too. Already words are discribing states of things. The aspiration to truth and beauty of art is founded in this sense. But it
would be fatal to target this specific story to the artist-but a story which deals with the different historic and contemporary cornerstones-this is the challenge the OSTRALE ́011 wants to dare.

The theme symbolizes the continuing timeline of the development of the ailing buildin gs of the Erlwein-Slaughterhouse where the OSTRALE takes place every year
-which is developing to an all-year centre for contemporary arts.

Artistic Directors: Andrea Hilger, Dr. Martin Müller

Module der OSTRALE´011

programmatically contains all those contemporary forms of expression which are
constantly transgressing borders between the performing and visual arts and which deal with space and the outside areas in new ways.

is a travelling exhibition of selected art works, which takes place subsequent to
OSTRALE. The exhibition will be realised in various European cities in the context of European partnerships. Out of OSTRALE will be realised under the precondition that also in other cities empty space will be revived and transformed and that there will be a functional new interpretation of industrial buildings. In 2010 the Out of OSTRALE took place in Katowice/Polen and Eupen/Belgien.

IAM-International Art Moves
The concept of the project "International Art Moves" of the OSTRALE is to build up cooperations during the next years especially with International Art Schools/Academies to create modules within the OSTRALE festival which represent both the artistic qualities and best talents of the participating Art School and a qualifi
ying element of curatorial know how to be implemented into the studies of each
School/Academy. The OSTRALE offers a splendid basis to learn all aspects of curatorial and management tasks in an upcoming contemporary international festival of remarkable size. The basic aim is to build up a network of International Art Schools / Academies which will get a kind of display window at the OSTRALE of their actual "production" which usually only can be seen in occasion of open days on site. Implemented in an Intern ational art festival the students will become
ambassadors of their Academy and at the same time part of an international competition on highest level. As well it is the idea to integrate it as practical curatorial studies and research into the particulars tudies of each participating Artschool.

OSTRALE Cultural Education
as an additional approach concerning the perception of contemporary art, the OSTRALE'010 will offer with cultural education a practical oriented module to present and visualize the processan impact of the exhibition. Regarding modern technocratic stamped societies, cultural education regards art as the required contrast for a sustainable development of civilisation. With several creative-workshops also reflecting the actual value of human rights, classical target groups like pupils and students as well as disadvantaged groups such as disabled or immigrants are
practically included in present social processes.

"art in the public space" outside of the OSTRALE areal.

is a format of contemporary cinema that refers to the exhibited art works in various