Press Releases

Press Releases 2019

Press release 30, Free entry for children under 12: Family Sunday and Treasure Hunt for Children

Press release 29, Biennale open on Monday and Tuesday as well

Press release 28, Iranian artist group BORJASS presents group exhibition in Dresden in person

Press release 27, 2018 OSTRALE of Dresden becomes project partner for yet another European Capital of Culture

Press release 26, Dresden international: OSTRALE Biennale O19

Press release 25, OSTRALE from 28.06 also in Loschwitz / Elbhangfest and the Alte Feuerwache

Press release 24, OSTRALE Biennale - to be experienced for the first time in various locations in Dresden

Press release 20, 2018 Andrea Hilger confirming the O19 in Dresden

Press release 19, 2018 Securing the OSTRALE Biennale 2019 in Dresden within reach

Press Release 18, 2018 Great solidarity from Institutions of Dresden for cooperation

Press release 17, 2018 Andrea Hilger about  the recommendation of the Chemnitz Examination Committee

Press Releases 2018

Press Release 16, 2018 The published recommendation of the Chemnitz Examination Board

Press release 15, 2018 summer program graduation

Press Release 14, 2018 Summer Academy "Culture makes you strong"

Press Release 13, 2018 Dresden - Chemnitz - OSTRALE Biennale - quo vadis?

Press release 12, OSTRALE Biennial summer interlude in container

Press release 11, Statement Andrea Hilger and Friends OSTRALE.freunde on the death of Christa Müller

Press release 10, for the decision of the Chemnitz city council, relocation OSTRALE to Chemnitz

Press Release 9, Statement by OSTRALE Biennale Director Andrea Hilger on the repeated question about a "clear commitment to the venue in Dresden"

Pressemitteilung 8, OSTRALE opens the second exhibition in European Capital of Culture Valletta

Press Release 6, OSTRALE.freunde concerning Situation OSTRALE Dresden / Chemnitz

Press Release 5, Statement Andrea Hilger concerning OSTRALE Dresden / Chemnitz

Press Release 4, Dresden - Valletta - European Capital of Culture 2018

Press Releases 2017

Press Release 6, Midterm Statement

Press Release 4, 26. July 2017, Opening OSTRALE'017

Press Release 3 , 3. June 2017

Press Release 2 , 2. May 2017

Press Release 1, 19. February  2017