Exhibition: 10. June – 01. October 2023 | Dresden (Germany)

For the 14th time the OSTRALE Center for Contemporary Art organizes its international exhibition of contemporary arts in Dresden, in 2023 from June 10 to October 1, at the unique Robotron Kantine building in the heart of Dresden. Therefore, we invite artists of all nations, ages, backgrounds and art forms to apply with their works for participation in the OSTRALE Biennale O23.

In a review of the 15 previous years since the founding of OSTRALE in 2007, with more than 22 exhibitions in Dresden and abroad, the artworks selected from the applications for Open Call O23 will be complemented by new works by previous OSTRALE participants. In both cases, the selection will be carried out by the directors of the OSTRALE, curators Andrea Hilger and Antka Hofmann, together with art historian Lisa Uhlig.

The Open Call for the OSTRALE Biennale O23 has ended. The internal jury and curatorial meetings will take place until the end of August 2022. From November 2022 on, we are looking forward to announcing the results of the selection process.

Stress Test / social, human dilemma / checkmate / primordial hut
(working titles)

Never before has our society been as divided as it is today, while the need for community and solidarity is greater than ever as well. We are faced with acute and daunting questions, problems and challenges, such as global social inequality, protecting our planet, an ongoing pandemic and the resistance against aggressors. Trying to obtain objective and reliable information on these issues sometimes feels like the fight of David against Goliath. Media competence is an increasingly important tool of our time. Critical distance is indispensable in order to be able to unmask hatemongering, propaganda and misinformation and stand up against them.

But what happens to us as humans, our physical and mental health in these overwhelming times, where we often feel helpless? Our social capital – trust, cohesion, mutual support and the ability to compromise – seems to have taken a hit. In this sense, we should all be social capitalists and propagate growth.

Perhaps there is also an opportunity hidden in the tensions, because when structures are exposed, their building blocks become visible piece by piece. Remember the concept of the primordial hut – four tree trunks and a few branches for the roof. This archaic image remains a symbol for the return to the core of things. It asks for principles.

Human beings always move in a sphere between reality and illusion – as does art. What perceptions are reflected in the creative unrest of today's contemporary art? What possibilities for a future-proof community are being discussed? Do the building blocks we may discover show us what divides or what unites us? Artworks as individual traces expand the spectrum of knowledge we gain through experience. They can help us understand better. Creativity as a resource grows with intensive use instead of dwindling – which can only be an added value.


Application period: 15 May to 30 June 2022
Exhibition period O23: 10 June to 01 October 2023
Exhibition venue: Robotron Kantine, Dresden (Germany)

planned follow-up exhibition:
Estonia in frame of the European Capital of Culture 2024 in Tartu

1st jury meeting: from 15 July 2022
2nd jury meeting: from 15 November 2022

Applicants will be notified in writing (email) about the jury´s decision after the end of the 2nd jury meeting.


• All artists, regardless of age, nationality, background, or career status, are welcome to apply with artworks related to the theme.
• All forms of contemporary visual art are welcome, including drawing, painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, digital and video art, sound installations, as well as artforms not named here.
• Applications are accepted online only, via the OSTRALE database system. You can register and upload your works via the link at the very end.
• One artist can apply with a maximum of 5 artworks.
• The application fee is 12€ (6€ for art students) to cover the administrative costs of the application process, regardless of the number of artworks proposed.
• All costs for art transportation, insurance, catalog and exhibition organization will be covered by the organizer.
• With the participation in the OSTRALE Biennale O23, each artist or artist group receives a one-time exhibition fee in the net amount of 300 EUR.
• The full terms and conditions of participation can be read on the online application portal. Please make sure that you have read it carefully, as application is only possible with confirmation of acknowledgement.

(Cover photo artwork by Glorija Lizde, O21.)