Artist in Residence Program

In the periods between Biennales, the OSTRALE organizes its Artist in Residence program, in the framework of which 7 shipping containers are developed into art spaces by international artists. As symbols of mobility, migration and multi-purpose capability, the containers (which can be used both for transport and as emergency accommodation, mobile laboratory, artist's studio or exhibition space), also serve for the OSTRALE to mobilize places far from art, before in the end they are presented at the main exhibition of the OSTRALE Biennale, in the summer of the following year, enriching the urban space.

Each residency lasts for at least one month. The residence hosts, simultaneously, a maximum of three artists. The artists stay in the artist apartment (with private bathroom, kitchen, three sleeping spaces, as well as a small living room and large garden terrace) on site at the OSTRALE – Centre for Contemporary Art. The artists receive access to and support from the affiliated workshops of the OSTRALE, our studio and technical equipment are at their disposal. Moreover, the artists receive a honorary and reimbursement for material costs.

In frame of the residencies, the artists elaborate thematically and artistically on the given main themes of the year's announcement and programs, and deliver workshops for children, young people or adults, migrants, people with disabilities and guests from the surrounding area. In addition, they take part in symposia and panel discussions, and evaluate the developed theme and the delivered workshops.

The artistic outcome of the one-month long working period will then be exhibited in the following 2 years not only at the OSTRALE Biennale but also in exhibitions abroad in frame of the OUT of OSTRALE program.

In their very different and unique ways, all the containers reflect the central idea of the corresponding exhibition. A container can be placed anywhere anytime and can be used according to the needs of the locals and their thirst for art. It shows that when art gets serious, the place doesn't matter!

The containers are completely self-sufficient and only need electricity from the outside and someone in charge of opening and closing them. They can either be transported together or separately, either to public areas of cultural institutions (such as the campus of a university, the garden of a museum or a gallery) or to more remote places where the population rarely has an opportunity to engage with contemporary art.

The residency program is further enriched by projects with children, young people and students:

-- "The Social Garden", a new project of the Ostrale through which we want to create a shared garden together with residents of the district of Übigau-Pieschen in Dresden and all interested people. The idea is to take care of it and use it together. We want to use the fruits of this work to create inspiring cooking evenings and achieve an international cultural exchange through cooking together.

-- Workshops in frame of which 10-25 interested students (aged 9-25) meet the artists, participate in an exchange of ideas and experiences.

-- Through the Holiday Pass of the City of Dresden, the OSTRALE invites children (aged 7-14) free of charge to a "Summer Art Gallery" to be creative and express their identities through art together with artists from Dresden, creating and exhibiting artworks that tell about them and their dreams. The project serves the sustainable social-urban development of the district Übigau-Dresden.

-- All projects are also accompanied by a varied framework program of weekly discussions, readings and performances with local and international artists, writers, philosophers and scientists, to which Dresden citizens and school classes are invited to participate in the creative process of the Artists in Residence and to learn more about the themes and questions of their work.