Through the close interplay of art, science, politics and education, the artistic approach of the OSTRALE is interdisciplinary.

OSTRALE.lab Flyer with detailed information (pdf)

In direct cooperation with schools and day-care centers, the OSTRALE.lab art education program offers a large number of placement options every year, providing children, adolescents and young adults with a sustainable educational experience.

EU / ESF project - WIR, die Friedrichstädter "Kinderblicke Kunterbund"

The project "Kinderblicke Kunterbunt - WE, die Friedrichstädter" is run by the OSTRALE - Center for Contemporary Art e. V.
With reference to the OSTRALE - International Contemporary Art Exhibition, participants immerse themselves in the world of artistic interpretation and presentation of present - day topics and, together with cooperation partners - schools, businesses and other actors - develop a spatial interrelation between the traditional OSTRALE venues in the Ostragehege and other locations in the Friedrichstadt.
This art project outside the regular school operation is supported by the diversity of its participants, who open up in their "neighborhood Friedrichstadt" and beyond the district boundaries in an unconventional way places of experience and creativity, in which they cooperation partners open their doors for "Young Art in another place". The aim is to inspire the participants in the age of 9 to 14 years for contemporary art, to encourage them by means of multiple techniques provided to their own creativity and to support them in these social and individual learning processes.

WIR-die Friedrichstädter flyer for download (pdf)

WIR-die Friedrichstädter poster for download (pdf)

Photo and artist workshops in the "Audience Workshop"

Pupils design their own guided tour of the exhibition (touch,
fascinate, disturb, annoy, ...).
Duration: approx. 4 hours + execution of the designed tour 1.5 hours.

A guide for the blind and all who want to see and hear better in the dark. Welcome among equals - perception of another point of view. The world in the dark, or the perception of the 4 broader senses - an exchange of perception blind-seeing or seeing blind.

More about the AllSense project.

Photography with a smartphone - to use the potential of our daily technical innovations, to use them artistically and creatively.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Recommended age: from 10 years.
The workshop is closed
Groups up to 25 participants + teachers by appointment.

Voice guidance in English, German, French and Russian

The OSTRALE guided tours are conducted by trained art and cultural studies students. In addition, a brief insight into the historically and architecturally exciting history of the OSTRALEGeländes is granted. Since the student guides can cover only a part of the exhibited objects, it is advisable to allow time for the rest of the exhibition after the tour.

Guided tours for schools and KiTas
Visit (without guide) 50 €
Visit incl. Guided tour (about 60 min) 70 €
Prices (per class / course incl. Supervisors / teachers) maximum group size 20 persons

We would like to ensure you that you are optimally prepared for your visit to the exhibition as part of your lesson, and we offer you two exclusive guided tours
for educators.
Contact us:
Tel: 0049151 66018265 / ostrale.lab@ostrale.de

From the classroom to OSTRALE

Primary school children, after-school groups, middle school, high school graduates or vocational students: more than 9,000 pupils and teachers who attend the OSTRALE every year in school, prove that the exhibition is particularly relevant as an educational subject due to its current artistic and social relevance.
- Recommended age: from 14 years
- Workshop for closed groups up to 20 participants + teachers by appointment
- Guided tours for groups up to 20 participants (For larger groups several parallel guided tours are possible)
- Visit (without guide) by appointment 50 € / without advance booking group price 10 € per person
- Guided tour (about 60 min) 20 €
Register your class at ostrale.lab@ostrale.de for a very special art experience!
Upon registration, teachers receive one-time admission to the exhibition for optimal preparation.


The OSTRALE offers a colorful education program for children from 3 to 7 years old. Whether as a planned excursion for kindergarten children or as an open offer:

Through the OSTRALCHEN small art lovers - in the public workshop - get their money's worth! Starting with a short, child-friendly tour of the exhibition and the active consideration of some works of art, the children can then slip into the role of the artist himself.
Pre-registration via ostrale.lab@ostrale.de